Company Profile

Electric Function, Inc. has developed a number of web applications. Our goal is to make it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to earn revenue online, whether through subscriptions, online storefronts, or simply cutting their infrastructure costs with all-in-one, affordable platforms.

Development is led by Brock Ferguson, an experienced web developer and consultant.

Electric Function, Inc. licenses software and consults with clients from Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.


  • June, 2013 Brock, founder, re-joins the Electric Function team
  • June, 2012 Electric Function is acquired by BSP Web Ventures, LLC
  • August, 2011 The Hero CMS and eCommerce framework is released!
  • February, 2011 The Caribou 3.0 hits the proverbial shelves.
  • January, 2011 New Electric Function website deployed.
  • November, 2010 Parachute is released publicly, after use internally as a deployment tool.
  • June, 2010 The Membrr ExpressionEngine plugin is released.
  • May, 2010 OpenGateway billing server and API is released.
  • January, 2010 Company is renamed Electric Function, Inc.
  • August, 2009 TwoFoods is released.
  • March, 2008 Caribou CMS is released.
  • October, 2005 The web hosting division of Silverlime Communications, Inc. is acquired by Numatek.
  • April, 2005 Cigmas CMS is acquired by a larger technology firm.
  • November, 2003 Cigmas CMS is released.
  • November, 2003 Company is founded as Silverlime Communications, Inc.  The company offers web hosting as well as development services.
  • February, 1999 Brock releases Cigmas News, a free, open source simple blog management application written in Perl.  10,000 people download it within 2 months.  It has since disappeared.