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Product Spotlight Hero Framework

Learn more about our open source content management system and web framework. Includes an eCommerce cart and subscription billing suite.

Advanced reporting features added in Membrr v1.79

The latest release of Membrr (v1.79) includes advanced reporting features accessible via the Membrr dashboard in ExpressionEngine.

Admins can now look at subscriptions, expirations, renewals, and cancellations within any custom date range. In addition, they can look at current subscription totals at the present time or for any historical date.

These features should make assessing your past, present, and future subscription income significantly easier.

Licensees can download the latest Membrr release from the Licensees area.

Back on the team!

I am happy to announce that I am back on the Electric Function team.

One year ago, Electric Function was acquired by BSP Web Ventures LLC. I left the team to pursue other projects and passions. I unofficially remained in a small consulting and support role.

Now, I am officially back and helping Brent oversee support and project development. Some of you may already have noticed my presence on the support site this week.

We have several goals to accomplish over the next few months.

Our first primary goal is to take Hero - our CMS and eCommerce platform - and bring it to the Github community. Hero's core CMS and member functionality has been open source for almost two years, however it has been difficult for outside developers to contribute to the project. By hosting our codebase on Github, we can make forking and contributing to Hero a very simple process. Moreover, this will open up a new avenue for developers to hear about the sofwtware.

We also want to make sure OpenGateway and Membrr continue to improve and keep pace with the demands of developers. These products have not received the attention they deserve recently but, moving forward, they will once again lead the pack of eCommerce products competing for your business.

I look forward to talking with all the developers who use our software, new and old, about how we can improve these projects!

Look for more updates shortly!

Localization support for Hero

For those of you who have been waiting for localization support for Hero, here you go. One of our Hero users has written a great patch to enable content translation in your Hero website, without needing to modify server configuration or install other system packages.

To learn more about the patch or to download it, please visit this blog post.

Thanks Damiano!

Electric Function is hiring another developer and support technician!

If you are an experienced web developer looking for a serious part-time job as part of our team, please visit this job listing and application page.

You must have experience with PHP, CodeIgniter, jQuery, HTML, and CSS. It is expected that you are a freelance or contract web developer with 10-25 hours a week available.

Membrr 1.76 and OpenGateway 1.983 released!

Membrr 1.76 and OpenGateway 1.983 were pushed live today. Here are the relevant notes from the update:

Changes to Membrr:

- Additional address information was made available on the Subscription details page.

- Fixed error when using unprotected channel in exp:member:subscription_for_channel methods.

- {exp:membrr:order_form} now accepts a new parameter: error_redirect_url

- {exp:membrr:order_form} returns a new variable, {membrr_plan_id} with the user's previously selected plan id for repopulating forms. 


Changes to OpenGateway:

- PayPal Express now has flag that allows same-day-every-month charges.

- SagePay now supports 3DSecure transactions.

- Authorize.com gateway now does proper authorization of charges during free trials.

- PHP 5.3 no longer kicks up timezone errors

- Bugfixes and tweaks to eWay, PayPal, Quantum Gateway gateways.

- Fixed a rare bug that would send more than 2 decimal places to PayPal Pro when a coupon was used.

- Beefed up the SSL checks

- more bugfixes and performance updates.


Licensees can download these new releases from their respective licensee areas.

Here's to the future...

It has been a busy few months here at Electric Function while going through this ownership transition, but the dust has settled and we could not be more excited about the future! Overall, this transition has been relatively smooth, and I’d like to thank Brock, and the team here at Electric Function for everything they’ve done in making it that way.  For those of you who are interested, Brock is still involved with the company in a consulting capacity, and can still be contacted at brock@electricfunction.com.

Our products – Hero, Membrr, EE Donations, and OpenGateway – are all actively being developed, and will have new versions released very soon. We are also very excited to further expand on the product line here at Electric Function. You can expect to see several new product announcements in the coming weeks, as well as significant additions to some of our current products. You can also expect to see more blog posts about our products, company developments, and other current events in the tech and web development world.

We are looking forward to providing the same great service and support of our products that you have come to expect from Electric Function! If you have any questions, please contact us on our help site.

Electric Function acquired by BSP Web Ventures LLC

We are proud to announce that Electric Function, Inc. has been acquired by BSP Web Ventures LLC.  Our products – Hero, Membrr, EE Donations, and OpenGateway – will all continue to be developed and improved with new features and ports to new web content management systems.

I (Brock Ferguson, former Lead Developer) have shifted my focus to my graduate studies in cognitive psychology, but will continue exploring new ventures in new areas.  I want to give a sincere and extremely grateful “Thank you” to all clients past and present.  I never imagined that our products would have such a widespread impact on the web development community, and I have truly enjoyed working with each of you.  I will remain on as a consultant to the new owners, and can continue to be contacted at brock@electricfunction.com or via brockferguson.com.

BSP Web Ventures LLC is a collaborative effort between Brent Petrick and Cody Schuldt of Houston, TX.  They will bring their web development and consulting experience, as well as their new vision for expansion, to the products.

If you have any questions about the new arrangement, please make contact at our help site.

Thank you, and stay tuned for product announcements!

Web Designer Salt Lake calls Hero "a great solution with a lot of potential for small business owners"

Web Designer Salt Lake has published an excellent article comparing Hero Framework to Wordpress in terms of publishing, plugins, eCommerce, and search engine optimization.  I'll give you a hint:  Hero wins in all categories!

The way Hero handles different sets of data is a lot more intuitive and logical.   Hero comes with great features for customization out of the box such as separate web blogs, custom fields, forms etc.  These can take an hours to set up in Wordpress can be done in minutes in Hero.  Therefore you can get the functionality and layout you need done in no time at all with a system like Hero.  Along these lines, the template system for Hero is also extremely simple to use. The designer can simply call content and variables into the site and place them where they are needed. Entire sites can be up and running in a few days, instead of weeks!

Read the full review: Alternatives to Wordpress: Hero Framework. 5 Reasons to consider Hero.

Membrr v1.74 released with bugfixes

We've just pushed a tiny release of Membrr out, with a few bugfixes.  Here are the relevant notes from the changelog, below:

April 24th, 2012

*  Updated to version 1.74.
*  Fixed has_subscription_for_channel to work with 1 post per channel.

April 19th, 2012

*  Fixed channel ID column reference for post expiration.
*  Added countries and temp to DROP tables in uninstall.

April 16th, 2012

*  Force https in current_url().
*  Beefed up the is_ssl() function.

Looking to add subscriptions to ExpressionEngine?  Membrr's your module!

Membrr v1.71 released, with CAPTCHA support

The latest release of Membrr - v1.71 - has been deployed and is available to all licensees.  Featured in this release is the option to enable a CAPTCHA field in a standard Membrr order form (template tag documentation here).  Some users who have free plans that don't validate payment information have been hit with some spam bots that clog up the system with bad data, and this should put an end to that.

Thanks for continuing to use Membrr for your subscription billing needs in ExpressionEngine!